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Post office challenges

Heaving a deep sigh, she bends her head over the scale. It is rather worn out and it’s probably not her first challenge with the oh so necessary piece of post office equipment. It’s not the first time I’m witnessing … Continue reading

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Because the doctor said so

Even though Malians are rather suspicious when it comes to the motives of their countrymen, authority rules. A doctor, president, minister or religious leader will be supported and given confidence, unless someone really crosses the line. Not always the best … Continue reading

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Safety in Mali

On November 24th and 25th the country of Mali was shaken up by two kidnappings. Two French researchers were taken from their hotel in Hombori. The next day a Dutch, a South-African and a Swede tourist were taken hostage from … Continue reading

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Malian accuracy

It’s been a while since I switched banks and by now my bank identity card as well as my debit card should be ready. Having some money matters to arrange also I went to the bank. You could say that … Continue reading

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Painting the Malian way…

One of our guestrooms had cracks in the walls. So, we invited the plasterer to solve the problem and ‘close the insect door’. Of course we knew we would have to paint the walls after that. A job I intended … Continue reading

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We are not used to that…

Sure enough I’d noticed that something was going on with Amadou and had asked him a couple of times over the past few days if he was okay and if there was something he’d like to talk about. Yes, he … Continue reading

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The fridge story

Some things are as common in the west as they are uncommon in Mali. Take for instance a simple thing as a fridge. I don’t know of a family in a western country that doesn’t have a fridge in their … Continue reading

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