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Dogon Country and Djenné road trip

‘That’s mine’, she stated with naughty twinkling eyes, snatching another piece of chicken. I can’t help laughing out loud. There’s no doubt about it, Ibrahim’s grand mother is clearly enjoying the macaroni and chicken dinner. Time flies, and even though … Continue reading

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Mali is well-known as a country, where the different ethnic groups peacefully live together. There have been the incidental Tuareg uprisings in the past, but with the latest peace pact that seemed to have come to an end. Seemed to, … Continue reading

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Independence day

Yesterday Mali celebrated its 51st year of independence (from France). Traditionally this day comes with festivities in several cities and villages. Macina’s annual event on the 22nd of September is a pirogue race in which several communities stride for the … Continue reading

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The dry season…

The hot season, also known as the dead season, came to an end. Temperatures dropped, spirits rose and hope was all around. ‘Soon the tourists will arrive and we’ll be making our living again!’ I’ve heard it from many a … Continue reading

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Today’s morning luck came as a refreshing rain shower. Dark clouds coming in were the first signs of possible rain. Seeing them I instantly went to a nearby corner store to get myself a bread and some eggs. Not a … Continue reading

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Culture shock

When people talk about culture shock they usually talk about the feeling they encounter when traveling from a first world country to a second or third world country. Another skin color, different habits and ways of living, based on cultural … Continue reading

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