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Little Mohammed

‘Monique! Monique!’ A little boy is running as fast as his short legs can go, while calling my name again and again. His big brown eyes express a mixture of pure surprise, happiness and disbelieve. Even though I am on … Continue reading

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(Getting out of) Bamako

I am not a fan of Mali’s capital, neither is Ibrahim and usually we limit our time there to the utmost necessary minimum. This time however we had lots of things on our to-do-list. Our days were packed visiting friends, … Continue reading

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Bus journeys the Malian way…

‘I am no more going to travel on a Bittar bus!’, I firmly stated again to Ibrahim. And he finally agreed that indeed they were no more the best busses on the road. It’s not that they don’t have good … Continue reading

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He made it!

A substantial part of the Malian population lives in villages. Most of this villages still have no running water or electricity and daily life focuses on the basic needs. Agriculture is all around and the villagers are more or less … Continue reading

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Culture shock

When people talk about culture shock they usually talk about the feeling they encounter when traveling from a first world country to a second or third world country. Another skin color, different habits and ways of living, based on cultural … Continue reading

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The carpenter story continued…

Sure enough I hadn’t seen the last of the carpenter story yet! The one who had made the wall bars was convinced he was done with his job. However when I saw it I wasn’t quite sure whether I’d like … Continue reading

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