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Togo by night

By the time we leave from the border night has fallen. I’m back in the middle of the last line of chairs. Long waits, it still being hot and it being even more packed and crowded, make that I feel … Continue reading

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Welcome to Togo

I’ve crossed quite a few borders and no two border crossings were the same. Some were easy, some were challenging, others were a lot of fun. The border crossing from Burkina Faso to Togo added a new experience. I was … Continue reading

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It’s all about the right time

Sometimes in life it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Having applied for a visa for Togo and Benin the day before, I couldn’t resist stepping by Ouagadougou’s immigration office when we passed by. Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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(Getting out of) Bamako

I am not a fan of Mali’s capital, neither is Ibrahim and usually we limit our time there to the utmost necessary minimum. This time however we had lots of things on our to-do-list. Our days were packed visiting friends, … Continue reading

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Bus journeys the Malian way…

‘I am no more going to travel on a Bittar bus!’, I firmly stated again to Ibrahim. And he finally agreed that indeed they were no more the best busses on the road. It’s not that they don’t have good … Continue reading

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Endings & beginnings

I admit being guilty of blog neglect! And other than having been quite busy with other things there are no excuses. We did some traveling, unexpectedly had to move places, before being fully settled we were immersed in the annual … Continue reading

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Best before

suMalians are not used to having stock, other than the rice and millet. Vegetables, meat, spices and cooking oil are bought on a daily basis. Whenever there’s a bit of extra money it will lead to more ingredients or a … Continue reading

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