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Worldpeace is possible!

It’s a thin line between love and hate. It’s a line that has been crossed by many. France and the French were in general not the most loved visitors of Mali. Shaking of the yoke of the colonial past had … Continue reading

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Diving into local culture

By the time we leave for Aneho I’ve only spent about 24 hours in Togo, but it feels much longer. Togo has been added to the shortlist of countries I instantly felt at home and at ease. Based on so … Continue reading

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Timbuktu – the other side of the picture

‘They do not tell you everything that is going on. It is not only bad’, a friend tells me. He had left his hometown Timbuktu about two weeks earlier. After having visited us in Segou in February, he had spent … Continue reading

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Quiet Segou

Segou, by many a tourist, known as the laid-back city at the Niger riverbank has been hit hard by the crisis. About 80% of all souvenir shops in the city center have closed down and the usually bustling Monday market … Continue reading

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Little Mohammed

‘Monique! Monique!’ A little boy is running as fast as his short legs can go, while calling my name again and again. His big brown eyes express a mixture of pure surprise, happiness and disbelieve. Even though I am on … Continue reading

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Bustling Bamako

Mali is suffering. Last year’s drought, the rebellion in the North and the coup d’etat, all of them have contributed to the freefall of the Malian economy. Tourists as well as foreign NGO-workers have become a rarity and prices for … Continue reading

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The streets belong to everybody

‘Did they ask you for permission?’ Ibrahim asks, returning home one day. ‘Permission? What for?’ I replied in surprise. ‘You’ll see’, he said when we walked to the courtyard gate. ‘Oh no, are they having another party?’, I asked noticing … Continue reading

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The hunger for revenge

‘Monique, where are you? Are you at home? Are you planning to come into town?’ Willemien’s questions are following one another. Responding on me working at home, she tells me it might be wise to stay there. ‘There’s a huge … Continue reading

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Ceremonial offering

Bleating sheep are walking the street, pulled and pushed by men and children. Tabaski, the annual Muslim celebration with ceremonial offering, will take place tomorrow. Hearing the sounds of the sheep I’m wondering if they are aware of the fact … Continue reading

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Good intentions

Mali is a country with a lot of population groups, each of them having their own historical background, some groups sharing some history. History that, although invisible to the eye, is still ingrained in everyday life. It still being the … Continue reading

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