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Plague or blessing?

‘There are some large green insects on the mosquito net. You know, the ones that jump and eat the crops’, I explain to Ibrahim, being too tired to even remember the French word for grasshoppers. Even though I do not … Continue reading

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Another dead season

I’ve written before about the seasons in Mali, so you may not be surprised to read that we’re in the cold season at the moment. Cold and warm being relative values becomes clear when you’re used to winters with snow, … Continue reading

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About 50 kilometers from Ségou, right at the Bani river, in the countryside, is where the village of Fintigila is situated. A hidden treasure not yet affected by modern times. The nearest school is in the next village. Too far … Continue reading

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With plenty of room for it, I’ve been dreaming of veggies from my own garden ever since I set foot on this property. Not only me, also Amadou had clear visions of all the veggies and fruits we would be … Continue reading

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Fruits and veggies, mine and yours…

How lucky I am that Ibrahim found me a beautiful house right at the river! And on top of that the house comes with a nice garden with an abundance of fruit trees: lemon, papaya, orange and even guava. It … Continue reading

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What comes to you on a Friday…

When the Universe takes on a job, all your needs have already been taken care of! Realizing that I was going to spend lots of time in Mali in the near future, I decided that I’d really like to have … Continue reading

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