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The King has passed away

A deserted feeling surrounds the royal palace in Kokologho. A little bit disappointed we stand in front of the closed gate. No children are to be seen running around, just a few adults walking around. A neighboring woman with a … Continue reading

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Back on African soil

I breath in the air, a sultry midnight breeze touches my skin, taxi drivers, phone card sellers and money-dealers swarm around me looking for a chance to earn some money. Looking around for Ibrahim, I take in all the impressions, … Continue reading

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Plague or blessing?

‘There are some large green insects on the mosquito net. You know, the ones that jump and eat the crops’, I explain to Ibrahim, being too tired to even remember the French word for grasshoppers. Even though I do not … Continue reading

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Timbuktu – the other side of the picture

‘They do not tell you everything that is going on. It is not only bad’, a friend tells me. He had left his hometown Timbuktu about two weeks earlier. After having visited us in Segou in February, he had spent … Continue reading

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Little Mohammed

‘Monique! Monique!’ A little boy is running as fast as his short legs can go, while calling my name again and again. His big brown eyes express a mixture of pure surprise, happiness and disbelieve. Even though I am on … Continue reading

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(Getting out of) Bamako

I am not a fan of Mali’s capital, neither is Ibrahim and usually we limit our time there to the utmost necessary minimum. This time however we had lots of things on our to-do-list. Our days were packed visiting friends, … Continue reading

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Everybody’s courtyard

A neighbour at our courtyard left for Bamako not too long ago. He told us that he would be staying there for a while. Since he has the habit of staying up late and putting his TV out on his … Continue reading

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The streets belong to everybody

‘Did they ask you for permission?’ Ibrahim asks, returning home one day. ‘Permission? What for?’ I replied in surprise. ‘You’ll see’, he said when we walked to the courtyard gate. ‘Oh no, are they having another party?’, I asked noticing … Continue reading

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Not easy!

‘Look at that!’ Talouta’s finger is pointing outside to the women passing by in the pouring rain. It’s raining cats and dogs, neither one of us, nor any of the other people around, is even considering to leave our shelter … Continue reading

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We all know how important water is for life in general. However most of us may not always be aware of it, taking water for granted. Just open the tap and it’ll be there! Or not..? In Mali nothing is … Continue reading

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