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The truth about stories

A friend living in Bamako told me about a young man from Ségou she had encountered multiple times over the past month or so. He had traveled to the capital to sell necklaces to gather the money needed to repair … Continue reading

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Timbuktu can wait – part 2

I recently posted a blog titled Timbuktu can wait on why we do not currently take clients to the fabled city of the 333 saints. Following on that blog I’d like to share the story of one of our close … Continue reading

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You shouldn’t!

‘Monique, you shouldn’t treat me like this, there are other ways to deal with me’, Mr. X said. ‘I shouldn’t treat you like this? You shouldn’t treat me like this! You’re not taking me serious, but I’ll make sure you’re … Continue reading

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Dress code

Traveling to faraway countries often comes with a manual in terms of behavior and clothes. While in Burkina Faso I frequently noticed tourists that were scantily dressed. This being quite opposite to what I tend to do and what we … Continue reading

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Wherever I have traveled over the years, I have always encountered people that were proud at their country for one or another reason. How different Burkina Faso is! ‘Mali has all the beautiful things (except for the war!). Benin, Togo … Continue reading

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Worldpeace is possible!

It’s a thin line between love and hate. It’s a line that has been crossed by many. France and the French were in general not the most loved visitors of Mali. Shaking of the yoke of the colonial past had … Continue reading

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Chez Mimi

‘I envy your hair’, Mimi says with a dreamy look on her face, running her fingers through my curls. Having spent four days in a village with a local family, dividing our time between family, business matters and a lot … Continue reading

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A day at the beach

After a long journey nothing is more pleasant than a good shower, doing some laundry and… a day at the beach to relax! I had scrubbed of the layer of red dust gathered during the bus ride. Laundry had been … Continue reading

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Togo by night

By the time we leave from the border night has fallen. I’m back in the middle of the last line of chairs. Long waits, it still being hot and it being even more packed and crowded, make that I feel … Continue reading

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Crocodile Country

Crocodiles… there is something about these huge reptiles that impresses me and fills me with immense respect, resulting in a desire to not disturb them! Crocodiles are considered sacred animals in several areas in West Africa. I know of some … Continue reading

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