After having worked as ‘a spider in the web’ for over seventeen years, the second half of 2005 lead to a U-turn in my life. After having sold my apartment, quitting my job and letting go of the majority of my earthly belongings were logical next steps. The well-organized personal assistant turned into a nomad with a backpack. For years I’ve traveled the world, one journey leading to the next one. Plans often got shape when I was on the road and many times the flow has lead me to places I could not even have thought of in advance. Amongst others Peru, Bolivia, the Way of St. James in Spain, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica were visited before I lost my heart to Mali.

Since the moment I first set foot in Mali in 2009, a large part of my time is spend there. The ideas for Papillon Reizen were born and gradually got shape. Papillon Reizen is the sum of all that I have added to my ‘backpack’ over the years: organizational skills, travel experiences, the love for traveling and hiking, my love for Mali and its people as well as my standards and values.

West Africa, its people and Papillon Reizen are a constant source of inspiration, inviting me to stretch my borders. What’s obvious in the western world, usually isn’t here.

In this blog I’ll happily share some of my daily life experiences with you. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll meet in Mali..!

For extensive information on the journeys and ideas of Papillon Reizen, please visit our website: http://www.papillonreizen.com

1 Response to About

  1. Ariënne says:

    Hi Mo
    leuke verhalen! Krijg een beetje beeld van hoe je erbij zit en wat er allemaal op je pad komt. Erg leuk om te lezen.
    liefs Arxxx

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