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Dress code

Traveling to faraway countries often comes with a manual in terms of behavior and clothes. While in Burkina Faso I frequently noticed tourists that were scantily dressed. This being quite opposite to what I tend to do and what we … Continue reading

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Wherever I have traveled over the years, I have always encountered people that were proud at their country for one or another reason. How different Burkina Faso is! ‘Mali has all the beautiful things (except for the war!). Benin, Togo … Continue reading

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The white gold

Depending on where in the world you are and who you talk to, white gold may have a different meaning. When in Burkina Faso, white gold usually refers to cotton. Cotton is quite a popular crop for farmers in several … Continue reading

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Worldpeace is possible!

It’s a thin line between love and hate. It’s a line that has been crossed by many. France and the French were in general not the most loved visitors of Mali. Shaking of the yoke of the colonial past had … Continue reading

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Chez Mimi

‘I envy your hair’, Mimi says with a dreamy look on her face, running her fingers through my curls. Having spent four days in a village with a local family, dividing our time between family, business matters and a lot … Continue reading

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How difficult it is to check your emails in Togo? Well, it’s all about a bit of luck and being in the right place at the right time! Having been out of reach of Internet for several days one of … Continue reading

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The tailor story

I once had a skirt made in Mali. The fabric was a beautiful colorful local print that I really loved, so I was actually looking forward to wearing the skirt. However it soon became clear that the traditional wraparound skirt … Continue reading

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