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Best before

suMalians are not used to having stock, other than the rice and millet. Vegetables, meat, spices and cooking oil are bought on a daily basis. Whenever there’s a bit of extra money it will lead to more ingredients or a … Continue reading

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Not easy!

‘Look at that!’ Talouta’s finger is pointing outside to the women passing by in the pouring rain. It’s raining cats and dogs, neither one of us, nor any of the other people around, is even considering to leave our shelter … Continue reading

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Ceremonial offering

Bleating sheep are walking the street, pulled and pushed by men and children. Tabaski, the annual Muslim celebration with ceremonial offering, will take place tomorrow. Hearing the sounds of the sheep I’m wondering if they are aware of the fact … Continue reading

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Malian accuracy

It’s been a while since I switched banks and by now my bank identity card as well as my debit card should be ready. Having some money matters to arrange also I went to the bank. You could say that … Continue reading

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