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Today’s morning luck came as a refreshing rain shower. Dark clouds coming in were the first signs of possible rain. Seeing them I instantly went to a nearby corner store to get myself a bread and some eggs. Not a … Continue reading

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We are not used to that…

Sure enough I’d noticed that something was going on with Amadou and had asked him a couple of times over the past few days if he was okay and if there was something he’d like to talk about. Yes, he … Continue reading

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Creating a new balance

Is it really only been two weeks since my return? It feels so much longer, not the least for all that’s happened since. Most days come – as usual in Mali – with surprises and/or challenges. And so far we’ve … Continue reading

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The fridge story

Some things are as common in the west as they are uncommon in Mali. Take for instance a simple thing as a fridge. I don’t know of a family in a western country that doesn’t have a fridge in their … Continue reading

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Culture shock

When people talk about culture shock they usually talk about the feeling they encounter when traveling from a first world country to a second or third world country. Another skin color, different habits and ways of living, based on cultural … Continue reading

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